The Essence of the Falling Block Single Shot

To quote Frank De Haas, a.k.a. “Mr. Single Shot”:

To most single shot rifle enthusiasts there is something magical about the name “Farquharson” and to them it means only one thing – the finest single shot action ever made. Asked what he thinks is the most desirable single shot to own and chances are he will say “Farquharson” Most lovers of the single shot regard this action as the ‘ultimate’ in a falling block design, most will consider it the strongest action ever made, many well regard it as the best looking action, and all will agree that it is the action of actions. To the rifleman who appreciates graceful lines and balance in a gun, the Farquharson is the ‘classic’ action and round it a truly classic rifle can be built.

Soroka Rifle Co – The aim.

Soroka Rifle Co is a small boutique rifle maker dedicated to building the finest quality English-styled falling block, single shot rifles. Whilst Frank De Hass’ comments above may have been accurate at the time of publication, the improvements made in the design of the Soroka 07 action, manufacturing technology and the quality of raw materials make it possible for us to produce metalwork that could only have been a dream 100 years ago.

These advancements, when coupled with “best quality” traditional hand finishes mean we can offer the ultimate falling block rifle to the world’s single shot cognoscenti.