The Design Brief and Philosophy

From the outset in early 2007, our objective has been to design and build, irrespective of cost and without compromise in any facet of manufacture, the most elegant and mechanically best falling block rifle action the world has seen. The criteria included the following:

In essence to build arguably the finest single shot the world has ever seen…the Soroka Model 07.

The Aesthetic

To many single shot aficionados, the Gibbs Farquharson represents the ultimate in single shot aesthetics. The elegant sweep of the under-lever and trigger guard, the exquisite file work found in the trigger guard, around the bosses at the front of the receiver, and the long graceful tangs, all make for refined form and aesthetic excellence that has been surpassed by no other. It embodies all the qualities for which fine English single shot rifles are cherished.

The Mechanical Design

While the exterior closely follows the Gibbs Farquharson, the Soroka action is unique internally. In addition to the interior design, the superior metalturgy, reliability and safety were also part of the design considerations.

First, it users an in-line striker (or firing pin) driven by a coil spring which acts in a similar way to what is found in a bolt action rifle. This results in significantly faster lock time than the original rotating hammer design. Also, like a bolt action, it allows repeated dry firing without breakage.

Second, the Soroka 07 has a weight- adjustable trigger that has no discernable creep. This greatly aids in accurate shooting.

Third, the Soroka 07 design uses a tang mounted safety, which blocks both the cocking sear and the trigger. This provides additional protection against accidental discharge.

The Materials

All the materials used in the manufacture of a Soroka Falling Block Action have been carefully chosen following exhaustive research to ensure the ultimate blend of strength, corrosion resistance and longevity. Not only will this ensure that generations to come enjoy the enduring quality that such careful material selection affords, but will also it will give rewarding, reliable and consistent performance to us here and now: Technical data